Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Riddle Me This

What do Steve Fee and Star Wars have in common?

Think about it...

I'll give you a little more time...

Give up?  I would have too.

I only know the answer because I've experienced it.  The answer is... drum roll son Barber.

Today, while preparing some food I overheard him.  He was in the midst of some imaginative play with his Lego Star Wars and I'm sure he was acting out some sort of story line that he created - because this is a very common occurrence in our household.  But he was singing...not humming, singing.  I started to hone in to hear what it was he was singing and then smiled because I clearly heard "...our God is risen and reigning and we're elevating the glory of our God and King.  Everybody rise and sing.  Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh..."

So that's what I'm doing today too - in the midst of my food planning, cleaning, laundry, and just being Mom my heart is going to be in a place of worship.  Want to join me?  Need a catalyst?  Play the video above, read the lyrics - you can even rise and sing.

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