Mrs. C = TCC

TCC began as my online 'name'.  How did I come up with it?  Well...quite simply, I am the author of The Campbell Corner.  I didn't (and still don't) feel comfortable using our real names so this emerged and it has stuck.  I still enjoy a cup of coffee each and everyday (if possible) so the mug is remaining my photo as well.

So I'm blending the old with the new and finding balance between the two.  Seems to be a major theme in my life right now.  To be fair, if any of you are new readers, I thought I should include a page that really sums up a lot of details about me...however insignificant they may be.  This was originally written April 2007.  I included some basic updates.  Much of it rings true today...especially #100.

100 Tidbits for my 100th Post

1. I was born in 1970 and grew up on Long Island, New York. Thankfully, I grew up in a Christian home and know that my life would be sooooooooooooooooo different without Jesus.
2. My Dad's siblings and their families also lived on Long Island as well as my Gramma and Poppy (my Dad's parents). We would get together for major and minor holidays. Pretty much any excuse to get together was a good one.
3. My Mom's siblings and their families are spread throughout the United States. As a result we didn't get together as often - probably a couple times / year. However these trips were just as exciting and enjoyable for us. Family = Fun.
4. If you didn't guess, family is a high priority for me.
5. My sister (promises) is 3-1/2 years younger than me but that never made much of a difference. She has always been my bestest friend!
6. My family never moved but I had 7 school changes from Preschool - 12th grade. It is something I do not recommend. The longest I was at a school was high school - same school for 4 years. Even in college - I went to a large university my freshman year and then transferred to a small private college for the remaining 3 years.
7. I love to play games (Yahtzee - triple is so much fun!, Tile Rummy, various card games, Password, etc.) but I am not super competitive. I play to have fun. It really doesn't matter to me who wins but I do want to do my best.
8. Because of this (#7) super competitive people can irritate me.
9. My favorite colors are green and purple. One of my aunts made me a Barbie Cake for my birthday with the ballroom skirt decorated in purple and green. Truly my most memorable cake. Mom had to throw out the doll - her hand (the Barbie's) got burnt from the lit candles.
10. I now enjoy making cakes for my boys - and even my nephew, Brady. I use my aunt's recipe for the icing. There is nothing else like it! (Update - my sister has learned how to decorate the cakes and is doing a bang-up job for her boys birthdays and events.  Go Promises!)
11. I had a favorite teddy bear - named Barbara. She was a panda bear who over time is grey instead of white and definitely not as fluffy.
12. She secretly went to the first day of school with me - every year. No kidding.
13. I still have her.
14. No...I don't sleep with her anymore - or talk to her for that manner. She simply represents a special part of my childhood and is currently part of the decor of the teddy bear nursery. (Update - she just is stored in a special spot in our home for my memories alone)
15. I never had a boyfriend until...well the first serious one became my husband!
16. It wasn't that I was ugly or weird...I wasn't allowed to date until I was sixteen - which didn't happen until my junior year of high school.
17. I was very good at being "one of the guys". Had lots of friends who were boys...but that was it.
18. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 20 years old.
19. My Dad would say "If God wanted holes in your ears you would have been born that way"
20. The rule was you definitely couldn't get them pierced until you were 18.
21. At 18, I was busy doing other things - like saving money to go away to college.
22. Promises got her ears pierced before she was 18 and my mom got hers done too (in her 50's!)
23. Now Dad buys my Mom earrings for special occasions.
24. I married a man who had an earring in his left parents never noticed. Even after I told them!
25. He doesn't wear the earring now because of the business world.
26. We have already decided that if the boys want an earring in their ear they will wait until they are 16...and that is the only thing they are allowed to pierce until they are out of college.
27. Strictness does pass from one generation to the next! LOL.
28. I was never athletic.
29. I am not sure if it is due to lack of ability or lack of opportunity...
30. I am sure that neither of those would have helped my tennis game. Just cannot connect.
31. My high school required every student to participate in at least one sport.
32. I chose track and field.
33. Anyone can put one foot in front of the is like walking...just faster!
34. I was a good runner but never was a star.
35. Didn't matter. It was fun for me...and that IS the point.
36. I actually tried my hand at discus and shot. Picture that - all 5'3" of me at a whopping 110 pounds at the time!
37. Those were the days...before marriage and children.
38. I met Simms the first week of classes my sophomore year.
39. He made me laugh!
40. We became very good friends - I am very good at being "one of the guys"
41. We started "dating" or whatever you call it January of our junior year, engaged October after graduation and married 15 months later.
42. I am so blessed to have married my best friend (other than Promises)!
43. When I was younger (and so naive), my cousin and I planned to be married. We were a month apart in age and grew up more like sister and brother than cousins. Not like that makes our wedding plans any better! We were going to have 3 girls, 3 boys and lil' sis was going to be our maid and his lil' brother was going to be our butler. Did I say naive?
44. My life is NOTHING like that!
45. Once when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I selected a different job for each day of the week. The five jobs included: a bus driver, a nurse, a teacher, a mommy and a hair dresser (that's what I called it when I was 5).
46. Interesting fact...I do ALL of those things now any day of the week!
47. Simms and I started trying to have kids after we were married for 5 years. It didn't happen.
48. Lots and lots of praying...
49. I found out the day before my 30th birthday that I was pregnant with Jeter!
50. We cancelled the fertility appointment scheduled later that month.
51. We had been trying for almost 2 years!
52. Barber joined our family almost 3 years after Jeter was born.
54. Prior to staying home with the boys (after Barber was born), I taught high school biology.
55. I so enjoy science...and discovery...and investigation...
56. I didn't want to teach.
57. There are over 20 teachers on my mom's side of the family - all in two generations except for 2 - my mom's parents.
58. I wanted to be different.
59. I was a biology pre-med major with plans to go into pediatrics.
60. Organic Chemistry and God changed my mind.
61. I ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit and continued to investigate some field in OT or PT.
62. I finally agreed that God really did know what He had planned and purposed for my life and went back to school for my teaching certificate.
63. I had the most phenomenal experience teaching high school biology to hundreds of students over eight years. The best job I ever had.
64. I will never purposefully ignore the prompting of the Holy Spirit again!
65. Speaking of jobs - when I was saving to go away to college - I worked at an elevator factory. It was the best job for me at the time.
66. I worked 55 hours per week in the summer - 15 hours paid overtime!
67. I engraved the elevator panels. Yup. Good stuff.
68. But...I wanted to do other things so when I finished everything that needed to be engraved I asked for other work.
69. I painted the panels, learned how to machine the holes, spot-welded, packaged, assembled, and even did some paperwork!
70. When the company relocated to Georgia, I was bummed.
71. They paid for me to fly down to Georgia, put me up in a townhouse for two weeks and paid me $1 extra/hour. I had to pay for my own food. My job was to train their new employees how to engrave the panels!
72. Because I taught high school - I relate to my boys at a higher level. At least that's why I think I am like this. Meaning, when they ask a question, I will give them the correct answer if I know it. I won't make something up.
73. For example, when Jeter asked me why Bruce (the Great White Shark in Finding Nemo) started to chase Marlin and Dory, I told him that when sharks smell blood it triggers something that causes them to be very very hungry and that is all they can think about.
74. I did "water down" how exactly that trigger occurs but I basically answered his question.
75. Did I tell you he was still 2 years old when he asked?
76. Jeter then set up his Daddy. They were watching Nemo together and Jeter asked his Daddy why Bruce was chasing Marlin and Dory. Simms told him they were playing "tag". Jeter responded "No, Daddy. It is because Bruce smelled the blood and became hungry".
77. Even though I am not athletic, I am a huge sports fan.
78. Football - New York Giants
79. Baseball - New York Yankees
80. NASCAR - Jimmy Johnson #48 - have watched since his rookie year.
81. Basketball??? - I watched Simms when he played rec. Don't really watch it.
82. Any other sport that a family member participates in. I will watch and cheer.
83. I used to say that I "voted" for a team rather than "root".
84. Since I have been a SAHM I have tried my hand at a number of new things.
85. Blogging is the most recent - it has been a good experience so far.
86. Crocheting. I have made 15 afghans - and have one that I am working on right now. I definitely enjoy this.
87. Knitting. Not so much. The only things that I have knit are scarves and washcloths. Now, just washcloths.
88. Scrapbooking - resumed after staying at home. There is NO WAY I could scrap and teach and be mommy and wife at the same time. It is wonderful to document memories for my boys and the generations to come.
89. Genealogy. I am attempting to complete this project. Still waiting for living members to get information back to me.
90. It is information on my Dad's side of the family. On one side his grandma came to the USA from Germany and on the other his great-grandfather did. Creating a family pedigree that includes up to 6 generations has been fun. Yes, I said FUN.
91. I am thinking that once the busy-ness of spring is done I will wrap up this project regardless of what people get back to me. It needs to be done. (Update - basically done but I have dreams of what I want to do with the information.  That is still pending...)
92. I currently volunteer weekly at Jeter's Kindergarten. Working with 24 5&6 year olds is not my forte' but it is what God has asked me to do I am.  (Update - ummm Jeter is currently in 4th grade and Barber is in 1st)
93. I am passionate about worship...that is worship of Him.
94. I enjoy organizing and having a clean home - but I am NOT perfect in this.
95. Like home needs to be cleaned desperately.
96. Oh...a member of my family not mentioned...our dog, G. It is short for a long German word that means "lady companion". She is a Shepherd mix. She looks like a German Shepherd and has the personality of one but she has a little patch of white on her nose and paws. And she only weighs about 50 pounds. (Update - She died a few years ago)
97. I grew up with a purebred German Shepherd. She was absolutely gorgeous! Black with a little tan by her eyebrows and paws. Her name was B short for a longer German term meaning "protector". She was my second best childhood friend (lil' sis being the first) who lived with me.
98. Barber adores G. She loves and tolerates him. I think she will really miss him when he is gone all day to school in two years!
99. My favorite apple is Fuji. I am eating one right now. It is because they are crunchy and sweet. I don't like mushy apples.
100. I love the Lord and desire to fulfill the plans and purposes He has for my life. This is also one of the prayers I pray for my sons and our family.