Shaklee has been part of my life for over 30 years.  It all began with Liqui-Lea and Chewable Viat-C tablets. Satin Sheen was the product we used to wash our hands and dishes.  I still remember my mother teaching me how to measure the Liquid L when I began to help with the laundry.
Now I am a mom and I too have incorporated Shaklee products into our daily living.  My children take their ShakleeKids Incredivites Vitamins as well as their Chewable Vita-C.  At this point, their laundry responsibilities are limited to sorting, however they are familiar with the Get Clean line of products.  I am so grateful for the peace of mind I have when my children help to clean windows, mirrors and countertops throughout the home, knowing that the products they are using is both safe to them as well as the environment.
Our family desires to be good stewards on many levels - this includes taking care of our bodies and the world we live in. Through the use of Shaklee vitamins and the Get Clean line we believe that we are doing our part to make a difference.
Healthy living is possible!
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