The Campbell Corner

The Campbell Corner was started in 2006.  I've journaled for decades but this was the first time that I did it on-line and allowed others to view (and even comment) on my entries.  It was initially intended to allow family and friends that didn't live near us to stay updated on what was going on in our corner.

Over time, this little blog attracted readers outside of my inner circle and it eventually evolved to a blog where everyday life was documented - the ups, the downs, the tears, the prayers, and the cries of victory. It gave voice to a Momma who was new to staying at home with her kiddos and navigating through lots of "new-to-me" experiences - sometimes more than I ever would have wished for.

The Campbell Corner is treasured by me.  It's a window into part of my heart and holds lots of memories.

Why start "Campbell Crew"?  Because my boys are not babies anymore and a corner is a bit too small for them.  Life has become way more bold and boisterous.