Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY - body wash and hand soap

I discovered that by using a bar of your favorite soap, you can create your own body wash or hand soap.  Shaklee used to make a liquid form of their Meadow Blend soap and that was my stand by throughout the cold winter months when my skin tend towards dry and itchy.

I decided to make my first attempt using the Meadow Blend Soap-Free Cleansing Bar.  The recipe calls for 1/2 cup shredded soap, 2 Tbs of 100 glycerin and 1/2 gallon of distilled water.  Any recipe with only three ingredients is definitely something that I can do.

I first shredded the soap - definitely an easier task than I expected.  Don't ask me why I thought it would be difficult - I just thought it was going to take longer to complete this part of the process.  Thankfully it wasn't 

Add this soap to 1/2 gallon of distilled water and add the 2 Tbs of 100% glycerin as well. 

Stir over low/medium heat until it's completely melted.  This is the step that took longer than I would have wanted.  It wouldn't keep me from doing it again - my arm just got tired and I remembered all of the times that I had to stir pudding for my Mom's pies when we were younger.  Hmmm...maybe that's what I'll post this Friday.  Her Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe.  

Where were we?  Oh yes, melting and stirring...

Once it is melted, you have a choice.  Some sites say to leave it in the pot overnight for 24 hours, allowing it to cool.  Then you mix it - or even blend it to a desired consistency.  Others say to pour it into heat-safe containers and allow to cool.  I chose to use canning jars - as it cooled, the lids sealed.  I liked that.  This means I may have to stir / blend on the other end but I'm good with that.

I love the fact that I was able to start with three raw ingredients which totaled less than $10 and ended up with this much body wash / hand soap that would have cost me a whole lot more!

Have you ever done this before?  Is this something you think you will try?  What else have you done to help stretch your budget?

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