Monday, March 19, 2012

It's not Just a Walk to the Bus Stop

I have all of these wonderful pics from our weekend and Project Man aka Simms.  The plan was to get them uploaded and let you in on our latest project this morning.  I probably will still try to do that later today or later this week.

Meanwhile, there is a song that has been ministering to me this morning.  Don't know if you heard about the teacher who was killed.  I don't know him or his family but loss hurts and everyone can relate to that.

There have been multiple songs that I've been listening to that have ministered to me in various ways but this one stood out this morning as the one I wanted to share to kick-start this new week...

It is moments like this that our "project" seems menial.  In the grand scheme of things it is.  This doesn't mean I won't post and share because the reality is I live with and love my Project Man.  But for now, that's on hold because I feel the need to pause, breathe and take time to be thankful for the ones that make my life complete.

Today...the 'joy' of walking with Barber to his bus stop is much greater and once again I remind myself to live life intentionally.

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