Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Vitality of Supplements

Previously I blogged about making some changes in our lives - some are new while others are continued from last year.  Simms and I made some changes to our eating habits last June and that has become our life style.  This is a continued change.

Another aspect that is a continuation in my life (and hopefully one that is more consistent for Simms) is the use of supplements.  I grew up on Shaklee Vitamins - specifically the Vita-Lea - and have seen the benefits of their nutrient value time and again.  Whether it's including additional Vita-C because I bruise easily, adding B-Complex during stressful times because I know that my body is depleting its supply at a faster rate or taking Immunity Formula I and/or NutriFeron to give my immune system the boost it needs during cold season, I know my body is being positively impacted by the natural supplements of Shaklee.

I've heard people express concern about the extra expense supplements pose to their monthly budget.  I agree that it is an investment.  One that I believe is worth budgeting for.

Your life.  Your health.  You are worth it.

If you have about two minutes, consider watching the video below regarding the use of supplements in your diet.

Do you use supplements?  Have you ever considered using them?  Whether you have or haven't, I would love to hear about it!

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  1. I use supplements, but not everyday - it is something that I am trying to be "better" about and getting into a routine. Once there is a change in the job situation, then we will get back on track again!