Wednesday, January 4, 2012's only just begun

New year.  New season.  Technically it's still winter but for some reason when the first of January rolls around, many feel like they are part of something new and often feel refreshed, re-energized, and ready to take on the world.

Even with the 'clean slate' approach to the new year, I am not a fan of resolutions.  All too often, lofty goals are established only to be set up for failure.  Talking from experience here.  In the past, my goal list has been both admirable and unrealistic.  So what is the point?!

My main goal is to live each and every day intentionally and balanced.  Is this achievable?  I believe it is.

Life is indeed busy but I don't want to be busy for the sake of busy-ness.

So...what is important to me? How do I achieve this? What is already on my calendar and what do I want to be intentional about placing on said schedule?

Two words - health and wholeness.  Simple in statement, yet these two words have a broad stroke of coverage.  What it encompasses for me right now is the following:
  • Continuing to eat well...eating to live, not living to eat.
  • Applying a realistic, personalized "schedule" to my cleaning, laundry, organizing, etc.  
  • Scheduling time with the ones I love
  • Volunteering at the schools
  • Exercise - continuing to make this a priority for a minimum of 3x / week
My eating habits, exercise and the volunteer time at the schools is a continuation from the previous year.  This shouldn't be a struggle because I'm at a point of maintenance. 

The challenge comes with the attempt to refine my schedule of cleaning, laundry, etc.  We'll see how that works and I'll try to report on this as the year progresses.  

Scheduling time with loved ones should be easy but for some reason this too poses a challenge.  In the past, feast or famine has characterized this time and neither is okay.  I need balance.  My goal then is to set aside time with my parents, family (got some birthdays and my anniversary this month), and friends without over-scheduling. And there's the rub. I freely admit I don't have a fool-proof solution to this yet.  Trial and error is the phase I'm in right now...a true work in progress. 

It has begun. I have started the new year with a heart to be intentional each day and attempting to balance the above in the process.  One day at a time...right?

Welcome 2012.    

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