Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Dad. My Hero.

My hero.

You are the best Daddy Waddy Doodle all the Day – and for the last 34-1/2 years (now 42-1/2) you have held that title! On a more serious note, I have always looked up to you.

Didn’t matter what was going on around me – I always knew I could count on my Dad – you would always be there. None of the neighborhood kids would mess with your girls and it wasn’t because we were so tough. I remember when Paul and the boy down the street were throwing mud balls at us. We told them to stop and they joked back saying they wouldn't and "what were we going to do about it anyway?”

I told them I would get my Dad.

They threw another one – and I got you.

When you were done with them they didn't throw another thing at us again.

Years later, Peter came by on his bike and began cursing at us. I told him he was not allowed to use that language on our property. We went back and forth and then he said he was going to get someone to take care of us. I asked who it was and he told me – it was the boy with Paul from years earlier. I told him to “go ahead, he won’t hurt us”. Peter said “we would just see about that”. Sure enough they came down together on their bikes – the boy looked at us and asked Peter “these are the girls?” He said “yes” and the boys’ response was “sorry, you are on your own. If you mess with them, you mess with their Dad and I am not doing that”.

Dad, you demonstrated what it is like to be a child of GOD – if anyone messes with us, then they have to deal with our Heavenly Father. How powerful that is!!! What a life lesson you demonstrated to us – and just because you are a loving daddy. Thank you Daddy.

Great lyrics and incredibly appropriate for the point we are at in our journey.


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