Friday, June 14, 2013

My Dad. Best Friend and Confidant.

One of my best friends and confidant.

You are! I enjoy spending time with you. Making Friday night pizza runs or just “going for a ride” in the truck while you ran a bunch of errands are a couple of my memories.

Now, you go for a ride with me! I am always able to talk to you about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I remember how I felt very different when I heard my girlfriends talking about their dads. It was as if they were strangers to them. I knew I was different and I was GLAD I was different.

You were not a stranger to me. I talked to you about everything – even what could be classified as “girl stuff”. You never acted uncomfortable or awkward – if you had I would not have had the freedom to talk to you about what was most important to me.

I knew you cared for me and loved me – and still do. I also knew you would always be honest with me and tell me like it is. Nothing was “sugar-coated”.

You also would make time for me. When no one else would, you would play a game with me. Yahtzee and Tile Rummy were our favorites.

Thank you. Those little things that may have seemed so insignificant at the time – it meant EVERYTHING. Thank you Daddy.

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