Monday, October 15, 2012

Full Disclosure: Unsolved Mysteries and Relationships

So...this is what I'm reading this week.  Obviously not one of my son's books.  It's actually as close as I get to reading what could be termed a "love story".  True, two individuals in the story fall in love by the end of the book but there is suspense and mystery and crimes to be solved by smart, detail-oriented individuals.

Over the years, I've learned something about myself - which is always good.  One of the factors that draws me to a book is NOT the damsel in distress who is saved by a knight in shining armor. Life is not a fairy tale and I don't like the disillusionment of those story lines. This is a change because Cinderella was my favorite childhood story.  So what happened?

I guess life happened.  I grew up.  I experienced the good, bad and ugly and through it have seen that great things can happen in the midst of circumstances that we wouldn't choose.  This is what Dee Henderson delivers - and her female characters are strong.  Actually both the men and women in her stories (at least the ones I've read) are strong in character and purpose.  The fact that they find the one that makes them smile a bit broader is simply a bonus.

The other reason why I've enjoyed her books is I end up reflecting on the love of my life and how we met - our friendship that developed over time before we ever began to date.  He is truly my best friend and my life is more enriched with him in it!  I'm so thankful for the almost 19 years we've been wed and look forward to many more!

So...this is my "fun" reading this week.  I've just begun chapter four and am enjoying the character development of Ann and Paul but more than that, my brain is trying to figure out the two cases that the FBI and local homicide detectives are working to solve.  

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