Friday, September 28, 2012

The Tide of Unmaking

The Tide of Unmaking

This is what I read this week.  Jeter read it last week.  Daily we've been discussing the plot and our thoughts about it all.  We've been waiting for about a year for this to be published and complete the trilogy.

Wayne Thomas Batson has become one of our favorite authors and this series is definitely one that has been part of many conversations.  Jeter wants them to make this into a movie trilogy.  That would be incredible...

My intention is not to start reviewing books but the reality is that we read - a lot.  Much of my current reading deals with books that the boys are reading.  It is great fun to discuss and ask questions that catalyze critical thinking.  Regardless of the genre, one of my favorite aspects of our discussions are identifying the various themes / ideas that are woven throughout the plot(s) and how that can apply to our lives.

Interested in a series that has a fantasy, science fiction feel with a true battle between good and evil where choices could mean the end of it all?  Then check out this series - only I would suggest that you start with book one - The Curse of the Spider King.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words; CH and I are absolutely STOKED that you and your boys have enjoyed reading—and—discussing the series.