Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nothing says I love you like...

a pack of gum.  

Actually four packs of gum.  Why?  Because they were the Trident Layers gum on a good sale and they are a favorite of my boys and I couldn't decide which flavor so I bought one of each.  Not only gum but hand sanitizer, bug repellent - the all natural which I prefer as well as a family-friendly low percent of deet for my hubby - and a few other items that might, under different circumstances, seem insignificant.  However, today, those very same items hold a whole-lotta-love.

You see, Jeter and Simms are packing today for the mission trip they are participating in.  Said trip is outside of the USA.  I am totally thrilled for them and am truly excited for the life-changing experience they are going to have - positively impacting others and making a difference.  Yet, in the midst of that, the reality is that I am not going to be there.  I'll be praying for them and looking forward to updates but I will not physically be there. I will be here.  With Barber.  And a list of things that need to get done so why not get to it now.

Anyway, in my absence, as lacking in sanity as it might be, I will be there in the gum and sanitizers and sunscreen and bug repellent and stuff to put on after you've been bit and...the list is practically endless people.

And now I have the image of a scene from The Jerk when Steve Martin is leaving and doesn't need anything...except his lamp and...

Oy vey

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