Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moving Mountains Today

Lots of stuff going on right now.

Lots of people walking through different things - some really difficult too.

While praying and spending time with God this morning - which doesn't just mean sitting with my Bible and a cup of coffee.  I mean that's ideal - and it does happen - but a lot of times it's done while washing dishes, sorting laundry, cleaning and sanitizing the home, etc. Okay...got a little off track there.  Anyway, this song came on and stopped me in my tracks.  Everything around me seemed to be still and when I did what the song declared...just stood and worshiped Him...I cannot even put into words the goodness that resulted.

So I just had to share because this can impact your day too.  He is that amazing.

Oh...if the title doesn't make sense to you, check out I Corinthians 13:2.  Standing and worshiping in the midst of life and all that fills it...that can be the faith needed to move the mountain.

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