Thursday, June 2, 2011

Double Digits

The talk.  No, I don't mean the talk.  Simms already had that talk with Jeter.  Regardless, for me, the talk we had today left me feeling like it could have been the talk.

What am I talking about?!?

I'll try to simplify...its when you have a conversation with your child that leaves you feeling slightly askew because you realize (once again) they are really growing up.  And you're letting them.  And you're glad about it and proud of them most of the time but then there is this weird feeling in your stomach.  The uncertainty of it all.

One moment we were walking home from the bus stop and he began to tell me about a movie that they watched in school and the next we were sitting at the kitchen table discussing the choices we make in life while he was polishing off his snack.

Can I once again state how thankful I am for the opportunity to be home with my boys? Especially at a time when everyone would assume that I would be going back to work.  I tell you, I think God has me do things "backwards" on purpose.  I'm not complaining...just sayin'.

Anyway, I don't feel the need to document every detail regarding the journey that our discussion took in a mere 10-15 minutes.  It was the conclusion that left me feeling a bit...I can't even think of a word that fits this.  How does a Mom prepare for this?  Can you tell that I'm still processing?  I am.  That's why this is so disjointed.  Yes!  That's the word I was looking for.

I think a notes version will work better:

  • Stating that I realize that his friends and what they think are going to become more important in his life over the next number of year.
  • Stating that I realize that what I say might sound like Charlie Brown's Mom to him at times (future speaking), but that isn't going to stop me or his Dad from being involved in his life.
  • Reminding him that every choice has a consequence - whether we see it in the physical or not.
  • Finally giving him the responsibility of talking to God (on his own time) about what transpired today and the choices that he will make in the future.
The last point is the hardest.  I know it's time.  I know it's right and good.  I know that this is necessary for him to continue to grow and mature into the man that he has been called and created to be.  I just wish it was easier.

Jeter and Simms on the rapids this past weekend...he is really growing up!

Better believe this Momma has already been praying and talking to God herself, reminding Him of the promise that Jeter is.  Remembering that He truly loves my precious boy more than I could ever imagine.  Trusting Him...that is the only way I stay sane.  Being Mommy is definitely NOT a job for the weak.  This is tough stuff. And he's only 10.    

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