Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Snapshot of My Crew

Crew.  Often, this refers to the personnel who operate or serve on a ship.  Commonly, it can refer to a group of people working together.

Simms and I affectionately refer to our family as a 'crew'.  We have also been know to refer to ourselves as a 'team'.  When we have to get together to talk we call it a 'family huddle' and we've been known to all put our hands together at the end of one of those meetings / talks and on the count of three cheer 'Team Campbell!'.

Go Giants!

Giggle if you must.  I've never declared us as normal.  It works for us.

Maybe because I live in a house of boys.  There are no frills here.  No tutus or ballerina slippers.  I gave my saved dance recital costumes to friends who had little girls for imaginative play.

My kiddos dress up as pirates or spies or superheroes or knights.

This is 'red beard' with a Veggie-Pirates hat
I hear things like  'Argh matey' or secret codes spoken into walkie-talkies.  Blankets become capes and paper, tape and staples have made a wide assortment of costume paraphernalia.  Swords are made out of k'nex and little boys attempt to stealthily run to the next place of cover while on a mission.

This is 'Eagle Man'...just in case you didn't recognize him

I'm definitely a Momma of boys and I love it.

What they'll do for free chicken...:)

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