Saturday, October 3, 2015

Birthday Blessings

Today is my birthday and it's a good one. Not that birthday's are "bad" but the last two years they have been a bit tough. In 2013, it was a little too close to my Dad's departure to heaven to really feel happy. It was difficult to smile - especially on the inside. 2014 was better but life still felt askew. 

This year is different. It isn't because I miss my Dad any less. That isn't true at all. It's just that the pain which seemed to be ever-present, isn't dominant anymore. My eyes might tear up when I'm 'remembering when...' but it's usually paired with a smile now. Even on the inside.

And today has been filled with smiles and making memories with those that fill my life and heart with love. Waking up to texts from my 'besties' and receiving those special messages from family and friends means a lot.

Quality not quantity.

That truly is my heart. My little man, B was determined to make me breakfast in bed. With his Dad's help, he prepared me eggs, sausage, bagel and coffee. He has such a servants heart that desires to bless others. That coupled with his hugs and kisses is the BEST way to begin my day.

My teenager, J, slept in (he is a teen!) but he too blessed me in his own way - mainly a hug that I now feel lost in since he's grown 8 inches this past year and towers over me. He and his Dad have spent many hours today moving wires and furniture around in the basement. Bringing substance to what I envision our basement to be. It will not be finished but it's a start. And their sacrifice of time is a HUGE gift to me.

I've had the luxury of time to spend on items that have been on the back burner...making blends of essential oils with carrier oils for our families use, and finally making a batch of my whipped body butter. With the drop in temperature, I know my skin will be grateful. Sounds like work but no, this too is a gift I gave to myself. I took a break from my classwork, laundry, menu planning, etc and allowed myself the luxury of a few hours.

In a few hours, the tasks we've filled our hours with will cease. We will be getting ready for a lovely dinner together and a show that is my love's surprise to us all. 

Time together. That is the greatest gift of all. 

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