Monday, November 18, 2013

Birthday Letter to Dad

Happy Birthday Dad.  Today we would be celebrating 74 years that you walked the Earth.  We will honor you today.  I will also choose to celebrate the 77 days that you've been in the presence of Jesus - whole and healthy and strong.

I'm wearing a lot of blue today.  Not because I'm sad.  It's your favorite color.

Did you know I bought you a birthday card?  Actually I bought it in March.  I was perusing the cards and came upon this one.  It was perfect.  I remember hesitating - asking God if I should buy it.  I made the purchase and have kept it in my planner - in the November section - waiting to give it to you.

I never told you that I bought you a card.

Now it might be more for me.

The card reads...

Dad, the older I get, the more I appreciate everything you've done, the more I admire and love you.

You steadied my wobbly two-wheeler, you made yourself lend me the car, You tried to look calm and unruffled when I left the house looking bizarre.

You held me, supported me, steadied me...but loved me enough to let go.

You're my anchor, my safety, my hero, my dad...and you're loved more than you'll ever know.


Of course I would have added my own words - repeating the cards sentiments and telling you how much I love you and how special you are to me.  All true.  Still is.  That will never end.

Your girls are going to lunch today - at one of your favorite restaurants.  I'm trying to decide what I will eat a little bit of to honor you.  Haven't decided yet.  I'm purposefully choosing something that I don't normally eat.  Tapioca pudding?  Maybe.  Raw sushi?  Love you Dad, but no.  I still stick with cooked.

Walking Barber to the bus stop today, he asked me what we are going to do tonight as a family.  If we were doing something special "because today is Poppy's birthday, Mom".  He then rattled off a number of ideas.  Ice cream cake topped his list.  I told him if we were to have cake, I'd want to bake your classic favorite - vanilla cake with chocolate mint frosting.  He smacked his lips together, agreeing that would be a good choice too.

I made a Christmas stocking for Mom this week.  Barber suggested that I make one for you too.  I asked him what we would put in it.  He suggested we put in some of your favorite things.  I asked who would have those things?  He said "Grammie could have them all.  But she could also share them with us if we like them too."  Reminds me of how your little girls would save their money to buy you a candy bar from the store (or lifesavers or gum) as a gift for you.  You barely got the wrapping paper torn and we were asking you to share it with us.  And you always did.  With a hearty laugh and joke to boot.

Thanks Dad for being you.  For loving me - no matter what.

I love you.  Always and Forever.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad, Nicole. He was a very special person. I'll never forget how he videotaped me as I ran away screaming on the beach at the campgrounds in Vermont! I was so mortified!!!! But, now it makes me laugh... : )
    Love you all lots,