Sunday, June 16, 2013 example of Love and Trust.

You taught me how important TRUST is.

I have always been more hesitant and cautious than others. I remember you standing at the bottom of the stairs and saying “jump”. I would ask/beg/plead for Promises to go first – and then even after I saw you catch her I would still struggle.

You never gave up on me – you always encouraged me to trust you - no matter how long or hard your day was you didn't get aggravated with my hesitation. Why? I guess you knew how important it was for me to learn how to trust – so that as I grew up I would be able to take the leaps that faith requires us to do.

Thank you for that Dad.

Thank you for never getting annoyed with me. Thank you for always encouraging me. Thank you so much. Because of your example of “father” to me – my faith in God hasn't been a struggle. Sure, I have had my moments with God but I know that when God says “trust me” I don’t hesitate. Thank you Daddy.

Your Unconditional Love.

I never knew another kind of love. I don’t comprehend how people can love their family members any other way. And yet, many do not know what it is to be loved unconditionally…especially from their daddy.

I do. I know I wasn't the most difficult child to rear. Both of your girls could be classified as “good kids”. This isn't by accident. I believe the main reason why I stayed away from "bad" stuff is because I didn't have to look for love/comfort. I had it! You and Mom created the most amazing environment for us to grow up in. We weren't perfect, but I see me now – a product of my growing up – and I wouldn't change a thing.

Again, because you loved us unconditionally, we knew how to receive that love from our Heavenly Father. I also know how to give it – it is the ONLY way I know how to love. Thank you Daddy.

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