Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life Lessons have you been?  I'm good.  Really I am.  Just haven't been taking time to sit and write lately.  And then today I was reading in my Pause book which catalyzed the need to disregard everything that is on my "to-do" list because if I didn't sit down and write I would implode.

Not really implode.  That would be gross.  Messy too.  And I already have enough to clean up around here.  But that is how it felt - or the way I would describe the feeling.  So I'm sitting and writing.

My reading included Joshua 9 - the chapter that talks about how he was deceived by the men of Gibeon.  The men dressed the part of travelers from a far away land - their clothes were worn and patched.  They packed old, moldy food and their sacks were worn as well.  They definitely looked the part.  And yet they were neighbors.  Then verse 14 practically jumped off the page...

The men of Israel looked them over and accepted the evidence.  But they didn't ask God about it.  ~ The Message

I don't even know what I want to say about this right now other then emphasize the importance to not make choices solely but what we see and hear.  I'm an analyzer and critical thinker and I rarely make decisions based on my feelings.  Yet, it is both vital and important for me to remember the truth of Joshua 9:14.  It's application (and lack thereof) will affect my well as those that I impact.

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