Friday, September 9, 2011

Citrus Pleasing Yumminess

Orange balsamic glazed chicken and lemon risotto.  It's even fun to say.  With any kind of accent you want to pretend to have.  Seriously.  You should try it.  For those of you that may want to try it (the recipe that is) - it's in Rachael Ray's Look + Cook.

A friend of mine told me that she wanted to see some pics.  I'm good at taking pictures...just a little slow at downloading them.  These are definitely unedited...just straight out of the camera.  But I figured, why not?

Everyone needs a good cutting board.  Do you see that Chef knife?  Oh yes...that's the one that had been waiting almost 17 years for me to use.  Now I use that knife 4-5 times each week.  We're best buds.

My stove top has also received a lot more love from me.  I dream about someday replacing the stove top with one that has six burners.  That would be absolutely fantabulous!  Meanwhile, I make it work with these four.

So this was the first time I made this recipe and it took me about an hour from start to finish.  If you do the prep work earlier in the day, it will definitely go together quickly later on.

This was also my first with making risotto and I now know what arborio rice is.  Not that it is going to come up in the everyday conversations I have while volunteering in my sons classroom or supporting them on the sidelines of the soccer field.  But just in case, I now know.

That chicken looks good, no?  Trust me, it smells good too.

Lemon risotto is now ready to be served.  New experience for all of us!

The final product...ta da!

The boys didn't really care for the arugula but I liked it.  The taste exploded when I paired it with a piece of the chicken.  They really liked the chicken a lot - especially my youngest.  I was pleasantly surprised because it definitely had a nice kick to it.  The one complaint from the wee ones was that the risotto was "too spicy".  It wasn't really due to spice.  His "too spicy" was in reference to the strong lemon flavor which you get more of when you use fresh lemons rather then the store bought lemon juice.  In spite of their lack of love for the arugula and risotto, my family gave a definitely thumbs up to having this meal again.  Unfortunately, I don't know when that will be.  I already have the next 5-6 weeks planned.  New flavors.  Definitely not bored.  I'm loving this!

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