Friday, August 19, 2011

Is That Spatula Orange? Hmmm...I Like Orange.

Enjoy cooking?

I knew people that enjoyed it.  I read magazines of those that were adorned with honors regarding how well they cooked. I even read blogs that would feature various styles of cooking.  And I tried quite a few new recipes.  We even enjoyed some of the meals.  But I still didn't like cooking.  I was searching for anything that would make this necessary task more bearable.  Crock-pot meals, freezer cooking, casseroles...they all kind of worked in the short term but then I would get bored and not feel like doing that anymore.  But my family still needed to eat.

Now I'm not a person that watches a lot of TV during the day.  Sure, I'm a stay-at-home mom but I don't have time to sit and waste time.  At least that's how I see it.  The laundry, cleaning, volunteering, and other responsibilities keep me going all day.  Oh yes...and I didn't even talk about the subject at  And if I want to sit and relax, I'd rather chat with friends or catch up on a few of the blogs I've subscribed to or read a book.

But there was this day that I was just spent.  It was 2:45 and I knew I would be getting the boys from the bus stop in about 45 minutes.  So I decided to sit and flip through the channels to see what might be on.  Lo and behold I came across The Rachael Ray Show.  It was in the last segment of the show where Rachael was cooking.  I don't know what held my attention.  Maybe it was the brightly colored pots and gadgets that drew me in.  Maybe it was her everyone-can-do-this delivery as she whisked and browned and measured and poured.  Anyway, in that 15 minutes I decided that I liked this down-to-earth lady and considered tuning in again.

You know what?  I did.  At about 2:40-2:45 for a few days here and there, in the weeks that followed, I would take a break until 3:00 with a cup of coffee in hand and check out what Rachael was making for dinner that night.

She had certainly caught my attention.  I just had no idea (yet) what an impact she was going to have on me and my family.
Rachael Ray's Spoonula's


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