Friday, July 15, 2011

44 years and counting...

Mom and Dad - September 2010

This is a picture of my parents a mere three months before our world turned upside down. Dad had already been fighting cancer.  But a lot began to happen - even with him - in a relatively short span of time.  Cancer. Nerve damage. Radiation. Chemotherapy. Staph throughout the blood. Pneumonia.  Septic shock.  SICU and inpatient care. Weakness.  Adaptive equipment.  Therapy...lots and lots of therapy.  They both were facing so much - each with so much to bear and both in a weakened state.

How did they get through the last 6-1/2 months?  Easy answer - they fixed their eyes on the ONE who created them and held on to His promises.  The love, encouragement and prayers they received (and continue to receive) from friends and family became a huge network of support.  The collective value of this is not discounted or minimized - it is truly a living testimony.

Every day I get to give them a hug and a kiss is a gift.  The opportunity to tell them 'I love you' is a blessing. I treasure the conversations we are able to have together in person and on the phone.  They are both still regaining ground in their health and I believe it will continue until they are fully restored.

Meanwhile, my heart is filled with thanksgiving for where they are now and I am overflowing with joy that they have been able to celebrate another anniversary together.  44 years (and counting) this precious couple has spent together.  They know what it is to love no matter what.  To stand on His promises and face whatever comes their way.  They have exemplified living together in richer and poorer, sickness and health, to honor and cherish, etc.. They aren't perfect - and in their imperfection, He is glorified.

Thank you Mom and Dad for the example you've been.  I love you both so very much and pray that you are able to celebrate many more anniversaries together...walking hand in hand.

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