Monday, April 18, 2011

Balance Between the Extremes


Laundry.  Dishes.  Vacuuming.  Mopping.  Dusting.  Cleaning.  De-cluttering.  Volunteering.  Cooking.  Baking.  Creating.  Dreaming.  Journaling.  Reading.  Worshiping.  Painting.  Scrapbooking.  Photo-editing.  Mommy-ing.  Encouraging.  Praying.  Supporting.  Loving.  Peace-making.  Planning.  Weeding.  Planting.  Decorating.  Organizing.  Caring.  Correcting.  Shopping.  Driving.  Scheduling.  Writing.

All of these are a part of my life.  Every.  Day.  And yet, I cannot do all of this collectively in a mere 24 hours.  There isn't enough time.  I would go nutso.  Literally coo-coo-la-la to quote my sweet Barber.  That would fit the true meaning of insanity.

And it would be ludicrous for me to expect that out of myself.

Why do we do that?  Why do we expect ourselves to be super-human?

That's not what I ask of my kiddos.  I don't ask or even expect them to be the best at everything.  If I did, then I would just be a mean mommy.  For example - handwriting.  Trust me, it's legible but they do not have stellar handwriting.  What do I do?  I encourage them to do their best.  For them to put forth their best effort.  It will not be perfect - and I don't expect it to be - that's not the point.  But just because it isn't perfect doesn't mean they should scribble all over the page.  

So why have I (at times) expected that from myself?  And as if achieving perfection wasn't challenging enough, by the way, you need to be that way all of the time.  Talk about setting oneself up for failure. Besides, who determines what perfection is supposed to be?  Who sets the bar?  Does it mean that laundry is always done and never in the to-be-washed hamper?  Does it mean that I have to prepare a gourmet homemade meal every night?  Does it mean that I never over-react to anything because I am in a constant state of peace and intercession for the world?


And yet, if you're like me, somehow life's success has (at least at times) been based on extremes - maybe not the ones I wrote about but you get what I'm talking about.

If you've experienced this...then how do you respond when perfection isn't achieved?  Do you keep trying or do you finally give in and then go to the opposite extreme (i.e. scribble)?  I know I can think of examples in my life where I've done both.

I wouldn't say I'm on a completely different journey - it's just a new extension of the one I've been on - and I'm learning how to incorporate 'balance' into the every day of life.

Where are you finding balance right now?


  1. love the fresh start! Even the yellows, represent the freshness!

    Balance --- ugh, I'm struggling with that right now. And I can tell b/c of how I am treating the family!

    Perfection --- you are right, I don't expect it of my kids. And even thou I don't expect of myself, I tend to really get down on myself for all that I am not doing/accomplishing.

    In the end - it's a time issue. Not enough of it. Not on my timing, but His, or hubs, or the kids, or the worlds. Just not mine.

    Which is why, I have to constantly get back to focusing on enjoying the journey of life. Sometimes it is a daily death for me.

  2. Oh - and I haven't figured out balance yet. So, I'm thinking that is probably on board for me sometime soon!

  3. just make me smile. Seriously. I think it's because I know you 'get me'.

    This (balance) has definitely been a journey for me...a major theme in my life over a number of years but much more so in the past 10-11 months.

    It's something I've spent a lot of time thinking about and digesting and it's finally time for me to start writing (more) about it too.

  4. Balance - it is a good thing, and it is hard to determine what that really is at times. Love you!