Friday, May 25, 2012

Pure Performance - for athletes of all ages

My boys are not at the level of the athletes in this video but I like to know that I can provide them with nutrition that will only help them as they practice their skills on the field.

I don't desire for them to be Olympians. Rather, I desire them to do their personal best and recognize the fact that what goes into their bodies will impact their ability to perform - whatever their level of achievement.

This weekend, they both will be participating in soccer tournaments. Many athletes will consume sugar-filled drinks when re-hydrating. I'll admit, in the past, I was guilty of this as well - not aware of the available alternatives. Not this weekend though. Both of them will be using Shaklee's Sports Nutrition - specifically the pure hydration drinks.

My youngest tells me that he wants to be a soccer player when he grows up.  Says he wants to play for the USA in the World Cup.  Obviously he is not lacking in confidence.  LOL.  How do I respond?  Neutrally.  I tell him that my hearts desire is for him to do whatever God has called him to and if that means playing soccer on a professional level, then I will support him in that. Ultimately his identity needs to be about who he is and not what he does.  Bonus for me if I can positively impact his health in the process.

The following video highlights elite athletes from the newly formed Pure Performance Team. You can learn more about many of the athletes and their achievements here.  It is amazing to note that throughout the years, Shaklee-powered athletes have won over 100 medals in the summer and winter Games!


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Have a great Memorial Day!

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