Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ShakleeKids...Vitamins for your Kiddos

Vitamins for your kiddos.  Are they part of your daily routine?  Have you ever read the ingredients?  You might want to do that. Check for artificial ingredients - sweeteners and/or flavors. How about preservatives?

You might say that everything seems to have some of that in there.  Maybe you've even accepted it as part of life.  You don't have to.

ShakleeKids provides vitamins that have NO artificial ingredients and NO preservatives.  When my youngest takes his vitamins, I know that he is receiving all of the nutrients he needs - including his B and C vitamins; his immune system is boosted and he is also receiving his omegas - each and every day.

The video below provides more information about ShakleeKids and their benefits.  If you have 3 extra minutes, it is definitely worth watching.

Questions about Shaklee?  Please contact me - you can email me directly or use the form in the right margin.  There is also a link in the right margin to the 2012 product guide.

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