Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shaklee Sports Nutrition

It has not truly felt like winter and yet I know that spring is right around the corner.  This change of season brings the start of spring sports.

Barber's baseball evaluations were this past weekend and practices for baseball and soccer will begin sometime in March.  April will bring the games and that will continue through the beginning of June.  It's a busy time but it's also fun - I truly enjoy seeing the boys work at and improve upon their skills.  I also get to work on my photographic skills again!

One struggle that we have had in the past are sports drinks.  All that sweetness and sugar - seems to me that it would give the kids a sugar rush and then...crash!  At the same time, I know hydration is important.  They currently have large thermoses that get filled with water.  That works for a typical game day.  This season however, Barber will often have baseball and soccer in the same day.  Yes...he is our little energizer bunny BUT I want him to keep going because of putting good stuff into him.

I've decided to check out Shaklee Performance - they have both orange and lemon-lime flavors.  I really don't know which one he is going to like.  For all I know he might decide to stick with water - but if he wants a sports drink, I appreciate the fact that studies have shown this to minimize fluid loss as well as maintain healthy blood-glucose levels.

Have you used Shaklee Performance?  What is your favorite flavor?  Have you noticed a difference?  I will be sure to report back regarding both Jeter and Barber's likes / dislikes and how it fared for us throughout this spring.  Who knows maybe Jeter's coach (Simms) would enjoy this as well - especially when we have a weekend filled with tournaments.

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